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12 enero 2013


WOW!! Entre Steam y Nexus ya son casi 16.000 almas recorriendo cuevas Deluxe. ^^

WOW! Between Nexus and Steam, nearly of 16.000 souls are now touring caves Deluxe ^ ^

Video oficial, para ver la calidad de resolución:
Official video to see the quality of resolution:

Video enviado por hodilton, para ver el aspecto general y la comparación con los gráficos originales:
Video sent by hodilton, to see the overall look and comparison with the original graphics:

 Mención en / Mention in ★ Skyrim Mods Series : #113 :


This texture set recreates a realistic and beautiful caves, adding new graphics with more resolution and detail to the Vanilla game. I have tried to alter the colors, so that no green predominate. All textures preserved their original characteristics in a greater or lesser extent, even in the most drastic cases. For example, "caverocks01.dds" is one example that only I make improved texture, under the constraints of the texture vanilla. I can always do that, but I like having a creative edge. In any case, it was a very hard work and I hope you enjoy.

- A completely new HighRes textures.
- Improved details and added new ones.
- Texture size is increased to 4096x4096 [Also available: 1024 and 2048]. You will find all the resolutions within the optional files. **I only guarantee the visual result of the 4K version.**
- Sharpen detail definition effect.

VIDEO: http://youtu.be/Ud4pOvQxdY4

Modified files:

-cavebasewall01.dds [Vanilla 1024x1024]
-cavebasewall01_n.dds [Vanilla 512x512 / HD Pack 1024x1024]

-cavebasewall02.dds [Vanilla 1024x1024]
-cavebasewall02_n.dds [Vanilla 512x512 / HD Pack 1024x1024]

-cavebasewall03.dds [Vanilla 2048x2048]
-cavebasewall03_n.dds [Vanilla 1024x1024]

-cavebasewall04.dds [Vanilla 1024x1024]
-cavebasewall04_n.dds [Vanilla 512x512 / HD Pack 1024x1024]

-cavebasewall05.dds [Vanilla 2048x2048]
-cavebasewall05_n.dds [Vanilla 1024x1024 HD 2048x2048]

-caverocks01.dds [Vanilla 1024x1024]

Of course, this mod also dedicated to my daughter Diana. ^__^ Now It's 8 months old! And soo beautiful.


Supports "Serious HD Retexture Skyrim" by Z4G4 [ http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/2146 ]and is highly recommended. Supports any texture mod that do not modify the same files. If you want to give priority to this mod, just install after any other.


Use "Nexus Mod Manager" or subscribe to mod at Steam Workshop.

Use permission

To use the contents of this mod, it will be necessary to mention the name of the author and his mod in the credits.


In this new year I've proposed work 7 or 8 hours at day in my texture projects. I make new and unfreeze other paused. But I need ALL YOUR support, or I fail. Especially now that I am a father, and I haven't free time. I have about 7 years collating this work as best I can, but this year I have to know if my mod textures can be my priority. I'm tired of publishing with dropper. Otherwise I see myself forced to work on something else, probably smelly. I can't work most harder, I took months sleeping 4 or 5 hours to get hours a day. If I fail, I have a clear conscience because I have done everything in my power. But I want to keep making quality textures, all my life, almost every hour, although the process is a nightmare, until at last to see the results.


NEXUS: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/29145

STEAM WORKSHOP:  http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=116892433

2 comentarios:

Prophet dijo...

Esto tiene pinta de ser un lujo y no lo había visto hasta ahora! bajando ^^

hectrol dijo...

Nas Prophet. No es perfecto ni puede gustar a todo el mundo, pero como poco te animará a volver a visitar todas las cuevas de Skyrim. =)

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